• How to use the automatic slitting machine?

    Automatic cutting machine is commonly used in paper making machinery, wire and cable mica tape and printing and packaging machinery. The slitting machine is mainly used in non-woven fabrics; mica tape, paper, insulation materials and other industries. When we all use the slitting machine, what do we need to do when we turn on the power?

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  • What are the process requirements for operating the slitter?

    If the automatic slitting machine is not used for a long time, all bright surfaces must be wiped clean, coated with anti-rust oil, and covered with a plastic cover to cover the whole machine. So every

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  • What causes the running axis of the slitter?

    Slitting machine is a very important equipment. We often have the situation of running shaft of slitting machine. So what are the reasons for the running shaft of slitting machine?

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  • What are the reasons for the failure of the slitting machine?

    There are many ways to buy a slitter. We buy in nearby stores, but also through the Internet. These purchase methods have different advantages. So everyone knows what causes the slitting machine to malfunction?

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  • What are the slitting methods of slitting machine?

    If the tension of the slitting machine is insufficient, the cutting quality of the product may be affected. If the tension is too large, the yield of the product may be reduced. So everyone knows what

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