What are the reasons for the failure of the slitting machine?

2020-05-09 11:25:14 admin 31

  There are many ways to buy a slitter. We buy in nearby stores, but also through the Internet. These purchase methods have different advantages. So everyone knows what causes the slitting machine to malfunction?

  In practical applications, various problems always occur in the slitting machine. Some think that it is caused by the old machine, but this is only an objective reason, so what is the reason? The following slitter manufacturers tell you the reasons for frequent failures. The slitting machine has a strict timing relationship, as well as assembly tolerances and adjustment values. Busy disassembly and excessive adjustment are the main reasons for the accelerated wear and recurrence of the machine.

  Generally, the new machines are installed and debugged at the factory, after quality inspection, and then transported by separate packaging. Not only the problem of level and reasonable installation, but also a problem of inspection and correction. Repair is not simply disassembly, not only to find the cause of the failure, but also to find other problems that accompany it.

  When we all use the slitting machine, the general reason for the failure of the slitting machine is mainly due to the above reasons. If there is a malfunction, we all need to deal with the problem in time.