What are the slitting methods of slitting machine?

2020-05-09 11:25:42 admin 35

If the tension of the slitting machine is insufficient, the cutting quality of the product may be affected. If the tension is too large, the yield of the product may be reduced. So everyone knows what slitting methods are available for slitting machines?

The slitting method of the slitting machine is as follows:

1. Cutting edge

After the compounding of various raw materials of the slitting machine, the processing technology edging is generated, and the processing technology edging embedded in the removal process flow is obtained to obtain commodities that meet the processing technology regulations.

2. Sub-volume

The raw material of the large wave diameter of the slitting machine shall be cut into multi-roll and small-roll diameter raw materials in accordance with the specifications of the rewinding length specification and the rewinding width specification model. This type of slitting method is mostly used in plastic film sheet and packaging bag color printing manufacturing industry.

3. Cut the roll

The slitting machine bundles a wide width of the waterproof membrane, according to the high-speed round knife, the original waterproof membrane is divided into multiple rolls of narrow specifications waterproof membrane. This type of cutting method is mostly used in the adhesive product manufacturing industry.

People have to understand that the system software of its slitter is good or bad, the key is to see whether people's system software can achieve the regulation of one of its processing technology.