Slitting machine blade manufacturing level affects manufacturing technology level

2020-05-09 11:26:12 admin 33

1. Increased application of new blade materials. The toughness of blade materials such as ceramics, cermets, silicon nitride ceramics, PCBN, and PCD has been further enhanced, and the number of applications has increased.

2. Increased application of cemented carbide materials and coatings. Fine-grained and ultra-fine-grained cemented carbide materials are the development direction; nano-coatings, gradient-structured coatings, and coatings with new structures and materials will greatly improve the performance of cutting tools; the application of physical coatings (PVD) continues to increase.

3. The rapid development of cutting technology. High-speed cutting, hard cutting, and dry cutting continue to develop rapidly, and the scope of applications is rapidly expanding.

4. The degree of informatization has increased, the cooperation of tool manufacturing enterprises has increased, and market competition has intensified.

5. The role of blade manufacturers changed. From simple tool production and supply, to the development of new cutting processes and the development of corresponding sets of technologies and solutions, we provide users with comprehensive technical support and services.